This a choose your own adventure story created by four fourth grade boys studying the border and how it affects people's lives. You can select your own beginning, middle, and end. On each page, you can pick between a, b, and c.

Here is a little summary of the story. At the beginning, SINFRONTERAS BOY is a normal boy who lives in Mexicali, Mexico. Unexpectedly, he becomes a SUPERHERO. There is a big, bad, mean border called Mr. Border who doesn't let people pass to the other side. Sinfronteras Boy is going to save his mother from la migra (immigration police) and fight against Mr. Border in order to make a world in which people can be free.

Some of the pages are funny and some are sad. YOU can always come and read! Everywhere, anytime!! We think this story is great for everybody! We are writing this story so they can take the border away and people can be free and come into the United States if they want to have a better life. Some people do not know how the border affects the lives of people who do not have papers. Those people cannot cross it to support their children. This is a story that you will read, and it will knock your socks off!!! Not even an author has written a story like this one! This story is the one!!!

Click below if your want to start the story, but BEWARE! If you pick the wrong option, the story could end tragically (badly):

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