Sinfronteras Boy covered Mr. Border with incredible seeds. Mr. Border said, "I cannot move because of these incredible seeds all around me." Mr. Border tripped on a branch and he fell off the cliff.

As soon as Sinfronteras Boy saw Mr. Border falling, he flew down to try and help Mr. Border up. Sinfronteras Boy couldn't catch up with Mr. Border because Mr. Border was very heavy and was falling like a meteorite from the sky. Sinfronteras Boy finally got ahold of Mr. Border, but Sinfronteras Boy couldn't fly up because Mr. Border was too heavy. They were going down instead of going up.

Sinfronteras Boy saw a branch below them. He grabbed the branch so that he wouldn't fall into the water. Mr. Border was losing his grip on Sinfronteras Boy's feet. Mr. Border fell to the water.

Before he fell into the water he called his migra friends to come help him. Mr. Border said, "Come here PRONTO!!!" The Migra DIDN'T come very fast where Mr. Border told them to come. Mr. Border fell to the water. The migra asked Sinfronteras Boy, "Where is Mr. Border?"

Sinfronteras Boy told the migra that Mr. Border fell into the water. This means, Mr. Border DIED. The Migra left thinking about who could replace Mr. Border. Then, they had it! One man said, "Maybe Border Jr. could be the new border.''

A. They do get Border Jr. to be the new border.

B. They can't find a new border.