He went to a forest near the desert to spy on Mr. Border. Then, Sinfronteras Boy heard a sound. Then he heard it again! Sinfronteras Boy turned around, but when he turned around he saw Maniac Trees. The Maniac trees tried to catch him, but Sinfronteras Boy's escape was too quick.

Then, he went back to fight the Maniac Trees. He destroyed the Maniac Trees. Next, he went to see Mr. Border so he could ask him if he created the Maniac Trees and ordered them to destroy him. Mr. Border confessed that he did create the Maniac Trees to destroy Sinfronteras Boy. He challenged him to fight right then and there!

A. Sinfronteras Boy DOES accept the challenge.

B. Sinfronteras Boy decides to go save some people who are trying to cross through the desert instead.