At the beginning, Sinfronteras Boy was a normal boy. He left Mexico with his mom. When his mother got to the border she heard a strange sound. It was the border's voice! He roared, ''My name is Mr. Border.'' He sent his troops and the troops got Sinfronteras Boy's mom. But when they looked at Sinfronteras Boy, they said, "That boy is useless! Let's leave him here."

Sinfronteras Boy felt desperate and started crying. He knelt down and started praying. All of the sudden, a lightning bolt fell on his body. He jumped up, and realized that he had jumped all the way up to the clouds! He was amazed. He flew for a while, then he remembered his mom.

"Sinfronteras Boy is my name" he said. Then...

A. He goes back to fight Mr. Border and shoots lasers from his eyes at Mr. Border.

B. He gets his mom and flies above Mr. Border to get to the U.S.A.

C. He gets his mom and flies back to Mexico.