Sinfronteras Boy decided to test his seeds by fighting the cobra men, but the weak seeds couldn't kill the cobra men because they were not so powerful. He was trying and trying but he could not defeat the cobra men with the weak seeds. The cobra men and Sinfronteras Boy were fighting in the desert.

Finally, the cobra men retreated. They ran to their boss to tell him that Sinfronteras Boy was going to have revenge. Mr. Border was furious, so he screamed and said, "I WANT HIM HERE NOW!"

The cobra men went to get Sinfronteras Boy but Sinfronteras BOY was already loaded with weak seeds. He started throwing weak seeds at the cobra men. However, the cobra men were too tricky. They were too fast and avoided the weak seeds.

Then Sinfronteras Boy thought of another plan to win the war. He went back to his house and asked his mom to help him make more powerful weapons with weak seeds. So his mom helped make weapons. They were making weapons all day.

Sinfronteras Boy went to fight the cobra men again and this time Sinfronteras Boy WON!!! Next, he decided to improve his fighting skills by taking on new enemies.

A. He decides to fight the Desert Man.

B. He decides to fight the Maniac trees.