The migra finally decided to go find Border, Jr. They went back to their headquarters because they didn't find him, but when they got to their headquarters they saw that Border, Jr., was already there.

Almost all the migra men jumped out of the car (except the one who was driving) because they wanted to talk to Border, Jr., before he escaped.

Because everybody (the migra) jumped on top of Border, Jr., he fell on his head extra hard. He fainted for 1 hour, 59 minutes and 59 seconds. The migra men didn't know how to make Border, Jr., wake up from his faint.

When Border, Jr., finally woke up, la migra said that they were going to use him to replace Mr. Border.

Border, Jr., wasn't as bad as Mr. Border, but he still made it hard for people to see their families and go where they wanted to go. Finally, Sinfronteras Boy decided that he would also have to be destroyed.

A. Sinfronteras Boy fights Border, Jr.