Victorious, Sin Fronteras boy goes to visit his family because he hasn't seen them in a long time. People in his neighborhood in Mexicali all want his autograph because he defeated the border in between the United States and Mexico.

Now, with no border, they can cross freely into the United States and back into Mexico. Families in Mexico that don't have papers and haven't seen their families for a long time could pass over the border and see their families again. Then, Sinfronteras Boy flies back to California and talks to a boy named Ben.

Ben tells him that he hasn't seen his aunt, two grandmothers, and two grandfathers in three years. Now that there is no border he will be able to visit them whenever he wants. Now they can have parties for anniversaries and have fun together.

Sin Fronteras boy asks Ben if he wants to go now. He grabs Ben and takes him to his family's house in Mexico! There they have a big party with piƱatas and barbeque on a beautiful, sunny, hot day. Finally, Sin Fronteras boy goes to sleep, thinking about the barbeque he ate, about how his mom is safe, and about how the world is now free.


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