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Sinfronteras Boy shot LASERS from his eyes at Mr. Border, but Mr. Border opened his mouth and air came out. The air went where the laser was headed. Suddenly a gigantic ball was formed between MR. BORDER and SINFRONTERAS BOY. Both Mr. Border and Sinfronteras Boy were thrown up to the sky because of the ball of energy they created, and they fell to the ground.

Immediately, Sinfronteras Boy stood up to get away from Mr. Border. Sinfronteras Boy thought to himself and said, "Maybe I could go to the gym as a regular kid and get more energy to beat Mr. Border." Sinfronteras Boy went to his gym and got a massage on marbles. Then he said "Thhhhiiiiiiissssss ffffffffeeeeeeeelllllllllllssssss rrrrrreeeeeaaaaaalllllllllllyyyyyyyyy gggggggoooooodd!"

In that instant, the phone rang. Can you guess who it was? If you thought it was Mr. Border, you were right. Mr. Border said, "Lets have a rematch, Sinfronteras Boy."

A. Sinfronteras Boy DOESN'T accept the challenge.

B. Sinfronteras Boy DOES accept the challenge.