Sinfronteras Boy got his mother and flew above Mr. Border to the United States! He told his mother that he had superpowers. Then, he helped two people stranded in the desert that wanted water and food. They needed transportation to go to BURGER KING in Los Angeles. Sinfronteras got them a CHEVY CAMARO with 20 gallons of gas that they could put in the car when it was empty. The people drove to BURGER KING.

There was a LOTTO machine so one man bought a $5.00 card. He scratched it, and he WON! $200,000,000 for 20 years! Then he told his wife. His wife said, "We could buy a mansion with that money! When do we buy it?"

Happy to have helped those people, Sinfronteras Boy went to a store to buy some weapons (the weapons were not violent like the real weapons). He bought some seeds and mechanical soil. The seeds grow in just one second, and they pop out of his hands.

A. He buys super seeds

B. He buys incredible seeds

C. He buys weak seeds