Desert man has huge hammers of sand. He hides under the sand and whenever something passes by, he attacks it. He has his face in his stomach, plus he is mean and brownish.

Sinfronteras Boy went to the desert because Desert Man called Sinfronteras Boy out so they would fight.

BAAAAAAM!!! Desert Man hit Sinfronteras Boy with his huge strong hammer, with so much force that he hit him into the mountains. Sinfonteras Boy was super lucky that he was wearing his armor suit (an armor suit is a metal suit that police wear and that is bullet-proof). Then, Sinfronteras Boy shot some seeds at Desert Man and, with all his force, Desert Man flew so far that he crashed into Mr. Border.

Mr. Border said "Why are you here? Didn't you have to beat up Sinfronteras Boy?" Sinfronteras Boy won because Desert Man was so scared that he didn't come back.

Mr. Border said to Sinfronteras Boy, "Now will you fight me?"

A. Sinfronteras boy DOES accept the challenge.

B. Sinfronteras boy flies away to fight the Maniac Trees instead.